About Rowing Machine

1Introduction The benefits of a sport: Rowing

“The muscle-rowing is an almost complete sport since been working virtually all muscles: upper limbs, lower limbs, abdominal, lumbar …
Endurance sports, it has only advantages for the cardiovascular system: it regulates or makes lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate and improves fuel efficiency. ”

Rowing is considered the best sport that requires balance, because it really works with all muscles: this is why the use of rowing in the weight room, as this device cardio resumes identical to that of rowing principle.

At the same workload, the subject resulted exercising his heart by a more muscular performance at profitable level of adrenergic stress (source of danger to the heart) is

lower.The sufficiently sustained effort consumes sugars and fats. Physical activity becomes part of a weight loss programmed.Rowing is a sport of flexibility, it is often forgotten. Stretching is good for all ages and it is more flexible, less muscle requires the heart to work.

The rowing is an excellent way to train your heart. However, it is necessary to follow some basic guidelines to avoid any incident. Cardiac events are part of the risks of any

sport. Rowing through the power and it requires endurance, core application to provide a lot of efforts that need to be mastered, must to remain vigilant and adapt your

efforts to your fitness level. If in doubt about your ability to provide the effort required, always consult your doctor first.

Why rowing?

  1. First, the best results are obtained with the best tools. In terms of rowers, the
  2. Number 1 is without question the American brand Concept 2, which produces a system with rowers.
  3. Air resistance. The counter is very reliable and faithful to reality.
  4. Then there are a number of things to understand in relation to technique and body position in the different phases of training rowing, as we will explain in this document.
  5. Rowing has the advantage that many take advantage of “quadrant” of expenditure

Principle of the Magic Quadrant:
I strongly believe in an important principle of training to progress faster and also more
sustainable, which is a combination of four elements,

The correct use of the rower combines the four elements:

  • The purpose of the training on the basis of” Magic Quadrant” is to optimize the effectiveness of its training in a minimum of time.
  • Intensity: The start of the drawing must be done in an explosive movement – a strong leg drive and draw arms
  • Big muscles: in the diagram below the muscles involved in the movement of the rower are detailed:
  1. In the upper body: chest, deltoids, Rhomboids, abdominal.
  2. Lower Body: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves

Amplitude: We must seek an early draw ahead and complete the pulling movement (and
leg drive) to the end that will be a maximum amplitude for the relevant muscles.
Anaerobic: It’s provided to put the will and maximize the intensity, it quickly reaches its
maximum frequency (maximum heart rate).

3Cadence and Power

Rowing is a rhythmic sport: the boost phase or stance phase (power stroke) is
representing 1/3 of a cycle and the return phase 2/3. Rowing (on the water or on a rowing machine) is described by specialists as a strength endurance effort. During a

race, you have to be strong and steady about 200 to 240 strokes of the oar. It is therefore necessary to be both enduring but also powerful.

Heart rate is the easiest and most convenient way to control the intensity of work as it accelerates in proportion to the physical effort. Row at a rate of between 20 and 24 strokes per minute and adjust the resistance of rowing at a medium level (3-6) allow the athlete to rowing a fluid rhythm while effectively improving endurance.

How to warm up before driving?

Warm all your muscle groups rowing quietly at least the first 8 minutes (the phenomenon of perspiration your body starts the 8th minute), then attack your Sitting carefully

observing your heart rate. Stay very lucid and attentive on your technique throughout your workout.

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